Be unique, be you, be free ♥

Our vision is for every woman and girl to be herself, to be unique, to love herself, to adorn herself and to adorn the world.

You are gold, darling! Don’t forget that.


Why MUNÉ jewellery?

  • Hand made

    Made with love and care in our studio.

  • 2-year warranty

    We give two year warranty for all our jewellery.

  • Paper packaging

    We only use paper to package your orders.

  • Worldwide shipping

    See Shipping rates here.

MUNÉ founder

"My dream and vision is that every woman and girl loves to dress up, that her eyes shine with confidence, that she radiates beauty and tenderness. Jewellery is just a tiny part of the image, but it can give a lot. That's why I want my jewellery to inspire other women with courage and confidence, to give them a piece of the joy I feel when I make it. By the way, MUNÉ jewellery is very lightweight, so you will hardly feel it and you will be free to adorn yourself.

You are gold, don't forget that" ♡